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About HNP Pharmaceuticals

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HNP Pharmaceuticals is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical compounding laboratory serving patients nationwide. HNP specializes in innovative compounds for physicians in a variety of medical specialties. We are the primary compounding pharmacy for more than 60% of all professional athletes in the US, the Olympics, and an ever-growing number of collegiate sports programs.

HNP Pharmaceuticals compounds medications by prescription only in a 5,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. HNP’s team of pharmacists have developed proprietary lines of compounds, created upon the orders of physicians, other licensed health care professionals, and patients in orthopedics, physical therapy, sports medicine, pain management, hormone replacement therapy, dermatology, dentistry, anti-aging, veterinary, and cosmetic surgery. Our medications are compounded in compliance with relevant state and FDA guidelines, and are randomly tested by an independent, qualitative analysis laboratory.