HNP Pharmaceuticals

Our History

Robert Nickell started in Norwalk, California working in his father’s corner drug store in 1970. He was always fascinated with the compounding aspect of pharmacy. He went on to attend and received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of Pacific, in Stockton, CA.

In 1987, Robert was introduced to compounding once again in private practice. He immediately built a small laboratory and began to compound medications for local physicians. During that time, his pharmacy lab became the number one compounder of Go-lytely (now a commercial medication), Proplus™ – one of the first natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy compounds, minoxidil soln (today known as Rogaine©), plus other compounded formulations of medications on the market today such as Renova©, Caverject©, Vicoprofen©, and Cleocin Vaginal Cream©.

In 1995, Robert founded SportPharm, the ultimate solution for the management of prescription medications geared towards collegiate and professional sports teams. The SportPharm Prescription Drug Management Program is an unprecedented medication-delivery and record-keeping system that pays particular attention to the unique needs of sports organizations.

Robert was then asked by USC School of Pharmacy to establish an elective program to teach pharmacy students the art of pharmaceutical compounding. Over the next 8 years, the course evolved as part of the curriculum and now includes a beginning and advanced section.

Through the combination of working with professional athletes and teaching at USC, Mr. Nickell began to develop anti-inflammatory compounds as requested by the team physicians. HNP Pharmaceuticals was founded to accommodate the market need and quickly became a nationally recognized pharmaceutical compounding laboratory, specializing in unique and patent-pending compounded formulations for variety of medical specialties. HNP is the primary compounding pharmacy for more than 60% of all professional athletes in the US, the Olympics, and an ever-growing number of collegiate sports programs. Additionally, a growing number of physicians in private practice employ HNP’s compounds.