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Patient Testimonials

Orthopedic Specialties
Many physicians who prescribe compounds from HNP believe topical NSAIDS provide a direct path to the pain that can result in rapid relief to aching, painful joints, muscles, and tissues. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our patients have to say….

Clare K., 43yr, tennis elbow
“HNP compounds makes my elbow feel good and it doesn’t upset my stomach like the anti-inflammatory pill did!”

Ramona F., 67yr, knee & wrist arthritis
“This cream is excellent, a solid 9 ¾ on a scale of 1-10! It takes just 5-10 minutes to start working. I love that it’s not messy at all and it has no smell, so it doesn’t interfere with my asthma either.”

Karen K., 48yr, C-7 nerve damage
“An 8 on a scale of 1-10. This cream really breaks the pain cycle for my chronic pain.”

Merle C., 83yr, arthritis – mostly wrists and hands
“This cream works really well – a 9 on a 1-10 scale. It’s a great alternative to the Celebrex”.

Mary B., 87yr, hip/leg/back arthritis
“It works better than over the counter stuff. The ordering was convenient and it’s easy to put on.”

Rachel W., 81yr, hand arthritis
“It works very well with my aches when the weather changes. An 8½ on a 1-10 scale”

Wade H., 40yr, sports injury – back & shoulder soreness
“It worked very well for my muscle soreness which feels better now. This medicine is in my cabinet waiting to be used again as soon as I need it! I definitely plan to refill the order as soon as I need it.”

Earl L., 43yr, shoulder injury
“I think it’s very effective and I’ve already refilled the prescription once!

Johnnie F., 61yr, knee arthroscopy
“I’m amazed! This is the first thing I’ve used that has given me so much relief.”

Cooper L., 11yr, cracked kneecap & stretched ligaments (answers completed by father)
“I like that it’s topical – my son’s young and I like that he’s not taking any narcotic pain relief pills for his injury. I’m happy with the HNP cream and look forward to using it myself the next time I’m hurting. It’s a 9 on a 1-10 scale!”

Susan D., 55yr, achilles tendonitis
“Works so much better than an over the counter – I’ve already refilled it twice! It has a pleasant, mild smell too – which is really important to me.”

Patient Feedback
Because we value your health, we would appreciate your feedback on how our compounded medications are meeting your pain needs. Please take a moment to send us an email about your experience with HNP at Your feedback is invaluable!