HNP Pharmaceuticals

Physician Testimonials

C. Harris, Orthopedic Surgeon
“I prescribe Gaba-2K-L constantly in my practice for patients with tendon inflammation, muscle swelling, and joint pain, because these creams provide relief without having to use oral medications that can cause side effects. Plus, patients like the fact that they can apply the creams directly to pain site for faster relief. Compounded medications are helping to build confidence with my patients and my practice overall.”

J. Itamura, Orthopaedic Surgery-Sports Medicine
“Compounded medications will play a positive role in the future of medicine for a variety of reasons. For instance, by replacing oral narcotics with compounded creams that provide the narcotics transdermally, will help to cut down on the number of patients that become addicted to the oral narcotics; while still providing relief from the pain. Additionally, increased usage of transdermal NSAIDS will help to alleviate the side effects that many oral NSAIDS cause, especially with patients that have GI sensitivities. Plus, compounds overall should help to reduce costs for medications since more than one medication can be mixed into a single compound.”

J. Garizone, P.T., A.A.P.M.
“Compounds provide physical therapists with more flexibility and selectivity of treatment options which allows us to successfully treat a greater number of conditions, while eliminating the first pass gastric and hepatic metabolism. Overall, compounds are pure and cost effective.”

P. Thomas, DPM
“With easy access to information these days, consumers are more aware than ever of the potential side effects of many oral medications on the market. My patients appreciate having alternative treatment options, such as compounded medications, because they are effective, without many of the unwanted side effects, and they are reasonably priced. Compounded medications are a win-win for physicians and patients.”

M. Ezekiel, Interventional Pain Management
“Compounded medications such Wasabi tm , Ketorub tm, and Gaba-2K-L have provided our practice with a valuable and effective means to help in the treatment of pain. Our patient’s continually report positive experiences with the effectiveness of these compounded rubs and their dealings with HNP Pharmaceuticals in obtaining their medications. The ease of use, patient compliance, and overall Effectiveness makes it easy to highly recommend both compounded medications and HNP Pharmaceuticals to colleagues and other physicians.”

L. Miller, Pain Management
“ I am getting positive feedback from my neuropathic pain patients that have used the HNP’s Gaba-K-2L. They are experiencing decreased pain and improved function, without experiencing the foggy feeling they might get from an oral narcotic. Prescribing compounded medications has impacted my practice in a positive way—my patients are happier and I am able to prescribe less narcotics.”